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Meditative  Nature Videos

I am offering these videos to you as a visual and aural  meditation.  Listen to the beautiful sounds, view the images and  go deep within.


Spiritual  Videos

This is a video about the singing plants of Damanhur.  Damanhur is a spiritual community in the NW. sector  of Italy.  The community was  founded by a man who had a spiritual vision which included the creation of ancient temples. He proceeded to create these temples inside of a mountain!  These temples can only be seen by climbing down a stairway into a cave and then through a tunnel which opens up into a hallway that leads you to the first temple.  The beauty, artistry and skill involved in their creation is unparalleled.  These Temples of Daman

Damanhur - Temples Of Humankind
Damanhur – Temples Of Humankind (Photo credit: Alex Jarvis)

hur are now very famous and people  come from all over the world to visit and/or live near these temples.  Many self sustaining communities have spring up around these temples and many programs, workshops and schools of creative and spiritual thought have developed from these communities.

One of the ideas developed, through the efforts of one particular community at Damanhur, is that plants have a consciousness that we can access.  Their consciousness is particularly attuned to vibration, sound and frequency.  When playing music, it has been discovered that plants will physically react to sound and if, the sound is in harmony with their energy, they will thrive and respond in several ways.  One way  is that plants will respond to music or harmonic sounds  by creating their own sounds (and eventually) music in return.  They will change the frequency patterns of their energy fields (electric potential differential) as a reaction to the frequencies of the music.  Experimentation at Damanhur has shown a way to translate these frequency shifts from the plants into electronic signals which are then processed into  musical notes and sounds.  These sounds are recorded and played back and often sound like little symphonies of their own.  The more plants listen to music, the more they are likely to respond with their own musical compositions. Here is a video that explains and demonstrates this phenomenon.


Here is a video of a woman who talks about her philosophy of living “Life as a Garden”



My flower and vegetable garden at the Langhorne Community Gardens, Langhorne, Pa.   2005/2010

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