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The following poems have been excerpted from my book of poetry entitled “MEDITATIONS”.  All of these poems reflect an aspect of the meditative or altered state of consciousness.      These poems were either written while I was in meditation or in a trance like state. The subject of each poem is related to nature in a unique way, which reflects my own feelings about the natural world.

MEDITATION #1 – Breath Meditation

In the stillness of the breath,
I rise and fall like the tides,
a swirling coalescence of self,
a lifting of the spirit….
and a sudden release!

a swirling, tumbling hiss… of time/space/motion
spewed out in contraction of muscle and fiber,
filling the vacuum up, and pushing out with new momentum
against the boundaries of breath and concentration.

And I am pushed into a sudden shoreline of new laws and forces,
where, leaving all space and time,
withdraw into the womb of my imagination…
and carry myself out a window,
where… I see myself lying and breathing.

and concentrating and being,
… so simply being…and so simply breathing,
And I pause….
and I feel the blood rushing back,
and I hear the pulse in my ear,
and I fall, fall back
into the bodies existence…

” For I breathe in again, and I am renewed
and I breathe in again, and like the opalescent waves
swirling in the night’s magic,
heaving with it’s earth force and tumbling against the shoreline,
I carry myself back to this distance,
with promises like the gentle waves before…

And the breath pushes me on,
and I am renewed again,
For the breath pushes me on, and I no longer feel my breath,
nor see my face, nor utter the words….
for the breath pushes me on, and pushes me on and pushes me on,
and on, and on, and on,… and on, and on, and on,
…. and on, and on, and on …….



 MEDITATION #2 – Earth Visualization

To everyone’s amazement,
the earth heaved a sigh,
it’s rumbling could be heard,
like stumbling herds,
with  rambunctious peaks
and barren lows.

When the earth moved it’s fingers,
yellow birds fluttered….
When the earth moved it’s hands…
the mountains heaved their unyielding burden.

When the earth stood still,
it could hear it’s own heart,..
it went “Whoosh, whoosh!
honk, honk!
Zap!, Boing!… and ‘merrily we roll along’
to the trills of thunder,
peals of laughter,
and the sonorous tones of the immaculate gong!…

To everyone’s amazement,
the earth took a breath,
and it exploded it’s heat and hunger
into the shadows of the night.
It’s wings took fire, it’s heart, pitter-patter…
and it laughed at its own mechanics,
so slow and steady, the cycles of time…
measuring his breath, measuring his laughter.

And the earth stood still,
and to everyone’s amazement,
listened to the sounds of his own body,
patted the air,
caressed the seas….and kissed the mountains, and rubbed his eyes
with the etheric sense, the only sense,
of wonder, possible…

for delight and amusement at his own self-preoccupation…
was certainly everyone’s amazement!

flower of life

      MEDITATION #3 – Sound Meditation

The thoughts were flung out,
and coalesced along points, outside of reach,
fine matter and sand, oozing….
they shimmered,…at the beach.

Eels played, the rays targeted in the noon sun,
overcome by the waves of vowel formations,
marched along lines of distinction,
the sound, the sound, the orb shimmering,…
the sound again!

All fell through the bands of black,
which became muddied, indistinct,….unclear
falling through the lines,
the words played until they were
animal-like,…. animal caresses, they
shimmered on points, on stars, on seas,
until,…again, they coalesced on wave formations,
cooking in time, on time, pulsating…

OM ….OM……OM….OM….OM….


       Meditation #4 – Color Meditation

“I Change Colors”
I am a light drawn magnet,
I am a sea of brightly colored fishes
that wax and wend their way,
through waters of color.

My eye is purple, then red, then green
My hair is on fire, then ice, then sea.
My tongue is silver, is wool, is brown
my legs feel long, then thin, then round.

My many colored coat of clothes, of eyes,
of teeth and hair,
comes swimming to you in a shimmery light,
and swims round about, thru chairs, through doors and windows lit.

A candle is burning in my eyes,
my legs are running, are churning
foamy waters,
sea bright and green

I float my way, changing colors,
rapid, like the night,
I change colors,
like the light.
I change colors……


This is from a new series of poems about  nature and gardening. The first of these poems were created by shuffling around words from a magnetic poetry box.  I used the same words but in different combinations for each poem

“Spring Growth”

Wild tendrils emerge
from a secret sanctuary
thick with  life, they murmur
their quiet longing…
for an ancient Eden
in the early morning wind.

“Color Sanctuary”

A wild cloud explodes
in the blue like air
Soft tendrils of light
reflecting red, green and yellow…
I breathe in this secret
that summer is approaching
with a sweet murmur.


I woke up suddenly one morning,  with this poem “in my head” and felt a strong urge to write it down (before I forgot it).  I believe I channeled this poem from my higher self .  This poem is an announcement, if you will, of the activation of the ascension (higher spiritual) energies and the (powerful) return of God/Goddess to the earth.  It is written in free verse.


Angel’s Vision and Prayer
by Amy Bortner-Gialuco

Clang, clang!…and the voice of God/Goddess was heard throughout  the land
Clang, clang!….Like a giant gong, its roar spread throughout the countryside

Clang, clang!…. and all the people stopped what they were doing, to listen, to hear…
Clang, clang!…. and all the animals – the birds, the bear, the fish, the snake became as stone, motionless, silent, ready…..

Clang, clang!…and the seas stilled and the winds died down and the grasses stopped
waving in the air,
And all activity ceased, all motion, all energy spent, all ceased to be as before.

And the sound became stronger, more powerful, more unified,
As one golden sound, one golden thread of light,
Pushing its way through the air, Suspended over the earth, its hue
Changing to a pale, pale, yellow – shimmering!

Clang, clang! – Be Ready!
Clang, clang! – Be Aware!
Clang, clang! – Be Ready!
Clang, clang! – Be Aware!

Cried the angels, ‘Look up to the sky, Behold our Lord of Lords, Host of Hosts’
Behold the Almighty, the One, the Supreme,His/Her Magnificence!

And the angels blew their horns and crashed their cymbols and struck their chords,
Adding to the now sonorous hum of the clanging of the Gong, the mighty gong
Announcing the appearance of God/Goddess Almighty, within humanity’s midst.

Clang, clang!  And the air shimmered and pulsed in a new way,
Clang, clang!  And the skies opened up to a new light, a pale, pale light
Streaming in waves of ambient light and sound, the angels opened up their voices
and rang their special sound, their special tone, a hum of gigantic proportions.

And this hum grew in power, in tone, in volume and in space,
Filling all the gaps, filling in all the spaces, left open by this majestic sound
All hearts lifting, all minds opening, all eyes raised to the sky!

Everything and everyone, still motionless, but motion filled
Everything and everyone, still upon the earth, but also within the sky
Which opened more and more…..
Clouds, beginning to part, to reveal, a light as never before!
And it rained its hue upon the land, And it reigned supreme upon the land

Clang, clang,….clang, clang!
And God/goddess blinked its eyes,
and all activity upon the earth began again,
Moving to a different beat, a different hue, a momentous tone

Clang, clang,,,clang, clang!
Like a steady beat, a steady rhythm established
Heads picking up, hearts beating anew,
Everyone and everything began to move to this pulse, to this beat, to this tone

And the angels began to move in from the center,
And flowing through the sky into the earth’s atmosphere,
they struck their heavenly chords, harmonizing with the Supreme Being,
In a round of songs and sound which were endless, undying…

Unheard, unbidden by humanity, these sounds pulsed, nevertheless,
Into their hearts, their minds, their very cells
And, so, in breathing in this new vibration,
Humanity changed, changed, changed!

Transformed by the Sounds of God/Goddess and his/her Angels,
Humanity heard, in that split instance of soundless time and space,
the cry, the cry from the Heavens –

”Wake up, Be aware!
Wake up to the Kingdom!
Wake up to the Sound of God/Goddess/All That Is!
Wake Up, Wake Up, Wake Up!“

And the seas parted and the fish moved in giant schools,
And the winds picked up and the grasses waved again in the silent wind.

And all of humanity began anew as one,
As one unified field, as one unified thought,
Moving as one force as one being, as one Supreme Being….

And all of humanity moved again,
toward God/Goddess in one silent step,
One giant step, leaping forward in gigantic proportions,
All of humanity moved.

And it was good, and it was good, And God’s grace shown upon the land.
And it was good, and it was good, And God’s grace reigned supreme upon the land,
Once again….



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