My Personal Vision and Philosophy


“My personal philosophy in life has been influenced by my deep love of nature and all things natural. I have always sought refuge in nature and have had my most profound and meaningful experiences within nature. My soul’s needs are deeply met when I connect to nature and to Mother Earth.  I feel as if I am a child of Nature and the natural world is my true home.

Over the last ten years, I have felt the urge to live more and more by natural law and to be in harmony with the forces of nature. So what that has meant for me is to personally connect more to the spiritual aspects of nature, including connecting to the devic world and nature spirits,  to more deeply appreciate and understand all of the natural life forms in Nature and to understand and master the dynamics of the natural/energetic forces here on earth.

So, I began to study the laws and ways of nature, reading about plants, animals and gemstones, the devic forces and nature spirits and studying the philosophy of Findhorn and the Perelandra Center for Co-Creative Science. I began to study gardening more seriously, earth energetics, geomancy, Feng Shui and dowsing. As I have always admired the Native American people who knew instinctively how to live in harmony with the various forces of nature and to be in harmony with “Mother Earth”, I began to study Native American culture and (shamanic) practices as well so as to “walk in balance” on this lovely planet.

As an “urban shaman”, I began to study and teach techniques for healing the earth.  As a teacher , I lead discussions about understanding the “shamans’ way” i.e. connecting to the “spirit of the land”, understanding ancient ways for healing and energizing the land and its inhabitants, communicating with all beings on the land, in the water and in the sky, learning the rituals i.e. meditations and sacred ceremonies for honoring Mother Earth and protecting our environment through positive social change and working with the energies of sacred sites and power spots.

My vision, now, is to be a caretaker for the earth.  I want  to take care of the earth, to respect the natural ways of the earth and its energetics and to heal the earth of its accumulated toxicity.  I have felt the call to heal the earth for some time. So, I consider myself an “earth shaman” and geomantic consultant who specializes in discovering and healing the earth’s lands and waterways , to (re)discover the earth’s ancient power spots and sacred energy sites and to utilize this knowledge for personal, social and planetary healing .