Organizational Chart of Channeled Personalities and Entities

“Here is an “Org” chart of the various entities and personalities that I have channeled information from since 1979. It all started with my attending a spiritual development class in the mid ’70’s in Washington’s Crossing, Pa.  It was during a meditation in one of my later classes there that I  connected to a Master Guide named Daniel.

I initially made contact with “Daniel” through automatic writing sessions which eventually grew into voice channeling sessions a year later. My abilities as a spiritual medium grew and I became proficient at contacting many more spiritual beings from many dimensions and realms, channeling information, advice and inspiration from them since 1979.  The list of entities is quite long and varied which include  Angels, Aliens, Ascended Masters, Whole Light Beings and various personalities from the 1960’s (including several rock stars).  So I have created this organizational chart to show the genesis and development of my channeling history.

It has been “quite a ride” for me and a great and wonderful opportunity to connect to Spirit in this fashion.  I have received so much fascinating and pertinent information, advice and counsel from these highly evolved souls over the last thirty years  that I think I will be spending the rest of my life transcribing, codifying and editing their information into a series of books and workbooks.  Stay “tuned” about my future books and educational products.  For now, If you want to now more about my mediumship work and/or to read transcripts of my channelings, please go to my website @

Thank you and many blessings!

Amy Bortner-Gialuco



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