About the Author


Amy Bortner-Gialuco is a spiritual channel, energy healer, metaphysical counselor and teacher who currently resides in Erdenheim, a suburb just outside of Philadelphia, Pa.


She is currently the director of the New Hope Metaphysical Society, an organization dedicated to the support and education of the “New Age” community of the Greater Delaware Valley of Southeast Pennsylvania.  The NHMS  offers educational programs, workshops and monthly meetings to the community at large. To learn more about the New Hope Metaphysical Society, go to www.spiritsvision.com/NHMS


She was the founder and director of The Ascordia Center of Light, a new age center for healing and education for over sixteen years.  The Ascordia Center of Light now exists as an interactive website which features many articles and services from her activites at the center. For more information about Ms. Bortner-Gialuco and her work, please visit her website @  ascordia.com.

meetup_logoAmy also headed up an “Earth Shaman” group for several years.  The “Earth Shaman Group” was  a study group sponsored through MeetUp.com for those individuals in the Philadelphia area who would like to study the ways of the “shaman” in healing the land, protecting our environment, supporting and maintaining the earth’s natural systems and preserving the earth’s natural sacred sites. This blog is an outgrowth of Ms. Bortner-Gialuco’s work with the Earth shaman study group as well as a reflection of her involvement in consciousness studies, earth healing, environmental protection and sacred site work.


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