Nature’s Spiritual Purpose

As a “spiritual channel”, I have had the opportunity to connect with the energy and messages of love from many wise and beautiful  beings.* The spiritual world is vast and infinite and the beings I have channeled over the last twenty five years have been profound in their understandings of the greater spiritual reality that we all  come from.  They have all said (in essence) that  we are all Spirit and come from spiritual dimensions first and foremost.  When we incarnate on the Earth plane, “we are spiritual beings (first) having a human experience (second). They have also expressed their  appreciation for  all of us who participate within this realm for being a human being can be challenging and complex.  All have given wise counsel as to how to navigate within the physical, emotional and mental ups and downs of the third dimension.

All of the beings that  I have channeled have also expressed their appreciation and wonder for the human dimension as it apparently serves to offer soul growth opportunities unparalleled on any other plane of existence.  It does so in several ways , but one of the ways it does so is by allowing us to participate in the world of form and physicality as expressed through Nature.  The natural world is the stage or environment that we find ourselves able to participate within and upon in the time that we have as physical  beings living on Earth.  “All the world’s a stage”, as Shakespeare wisely said.   They have also emphasized how important the natural world is for our nourishment, healing and inspiration  while we journey on this planet.  That the planet itself  literally and figuratively feeds all of the sentient beings who incarnate here.

As physical beings, we should consider it a privilege to participate with Nature and the bounty (and beauty) that she offers us daily.  We should honor the trees for the oxygen they create as well as for the shelter they provide.  We should honor the rivers and lakes and streams for giving us the water we drink and use as well as for the sea creatures and plants that we consume.  We should honor the plants, flowers, herbs and vegetables that exist on this planet for their ability to sustain and support our bodies and minds as well as for the abundant beauty they represent. And we should honor the animals, insects and other creatures that live on this planet as our sacred brothers and sisters who (selflessly) give of themselves to us for our nourishment and support.

The native people of this land  as well as the ancient people from millennial past  were well aware of the sacred quality of the Earth plane and of the abundance and nourishment that this planet had to offer human beings as well as all living beings.  As caretakers of the earth, the ancient people felt it was their sacred duty to  honor and maintain the Earth in all of its pristine energy, beauty and abundance.  Accordingly, they created ceremonies and rituals to honor the  plants, animals and minerals of the earth.  They created dances and songs that honored the elements of the earth, water, air and fire. They created ceremonies to maintain a sacred connection to the spiritual world i.e. the devas, guardians and nature spirits who maintained the integrity of the planet as a whole.   These ceremonies acted to support the vitality, harmony and integrity of the Earth on a continual basis. As they knew that there was a natural harmony and rhythm by which all living beings existed within nature, they also understood the ways and means by which  to maintain this balance and harmony on energetic levels. They did so  through ceremony and ritual and through the sacred ministrations of their shamans, high priests and medicine men/women.So, as spiritual beings having a human experiencee, we can take nourishment from nature for our physical sustenance but we are obliged to  honor and reciprocate with the energies of Nature so as to maintain its natural balance and order. As caretakers of the earth we are obliged to maintain, in pristine fashion,  the land, sky and water and all the natural forms and beings who dwell upon the planet.  Nature, in all of its glory and diversity is available to us on a daily basis  for us to  connect to, communicate with, explore (in an honorable fashion) and gain sustenance from for our maintenance and spiritual upliftment. To engage with Nature in this fashion is our spiritual  birthright and a joyous opportunity.

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