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Welcome to This Sacred Earth!

“On these pages, I would like to share with you my perspective about Mother Earth and the many connections I have made with Nature and the natural world.  This connection  is  one  that I have developed  over many years working as a spiritual healer, medium and teacher of metaphysics and Earth mysteries. Writing about my experiences with the natural world has been  quite profound (and healing) for me and  I hope my writings inspire within you this same sense of connection that I have found in Nature, one that has consequently created within me a sense of joy, sanity, and great creativity. So, come join with me to explore the great mystery that I call  ‘This Sacred Earth’!”

Amy Bortner-Gialuco


 ThisAmy_fl_sacred_site_77 website  has a few different pages to accommodate this perspective.

There is an  Author Page which gives you a little bit of my background and philosophy about Nature.

There is  a general page- Nature and Spirituality  which includes  my blog posts, essays and poetry about Nature and it spiritual dimension.

There is a  Video/Media page to offer musical and visual meditations on nature as well as interviews with others about their spiritual explorations with nature. Included is a  YouTube video on the Singing Plants of Damanhur  which I highly recommend.

There will also be a Sacred Sites Page in the near future discussing my research and findings in regards to sacred sites in the SW. Florida region of Naples and Bonita Springs.

100_0396This website began on October 1, 2009, with my first blog post  – “Moonlit Musings”, a personal meditation on Nature and the cosmos. The second post- “My Magical Woods” describes  childhood memories of my backyard and a more recent post- “Nature’s Spiritual Purpose” explains the connection between  the spiritual dimensions and the natural world.  I have written a few more posts and intend to write some shorter essays in the future.


So, please meander through the various pages and posts and Enjoy!

amy_red       Amy Bortner-Gialuco